Introduction to Creating Viking Age Art

Everything you need to know before you take the Urnes Style Fundamentals Course

In this free mini-course, I'll introduce you to the digital vs analogue setup and process for creating Viking age art.

You'll learn what materials and tools you'll need, as well as how to find good reference material and how to create your library of historical references to use for your art.

What You'll learn

  • What hardware and software you'll need for working digitally.
  • What tools you'll need for working with pen and paper.
  • How to find good reference material.
  • How to create your library of references.

Your Instructor

Jonas Lau Markussen
Jonas Lau Markussen
Hi there, my name is Jonas Lau Markussen.

The Viking Age has always fascinated me — especially the animal ornaments. I have more than ten years of experience working as a graphic designer and have a master's degree in architecture. Since 2016 I have studied the art of the Viking age persistently, familiarising myself with the intricacies of the art form and how to recreate it. You can find my research compiled into a handy guidebook breaking down each style to its essential components in an easy-to-understand and straightforward manner.

Check out the guide for free here:

The Anatomy of Viking Art

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