This course gets you familiar with the essential concepts of the style, and at the end, you’ll be able to create an authentic Urnes style design from start to finish.

If you know my guide the Anatomy of Viking Art you’re already familiar with my approach to breaking down the art styles into easy to understand concepts.

This course expands on the chapter on the Urnes style and dives deeper into the practicalities and variations of the style and how to apply them in your work.

The fundamental concepts necessary for recreating the Urnes style are condensed into bite-sized video-lessons to get you up to speed in no time.

What You’ll Learn

How to create the interlacing patterns.

The essential characteristic features and shapes of the style.

How to create variations of the features to personalise your design.

How to analyse historical references.

How to create an authentic design from start to finish.

Content & Structure

The course centres around the design of a classic Great Beast motif known from the many Urnes style openwork brooches found throughout Scandinavia. This popular design from the late Viking age encapsulates the essential concepts of the Urnes style. It is, therefore, a great key to unlock and unfold the core concepts of the style in a comprehensive yet approachable manner.

You will ultimately learn how to create a typical Urnes style Great Beast motif based on analysis of the many historical examples of Urnes openwork brooch designs. In the process, you’ll get familiar with the variations of the style to personalise your design while still keeping in line with the original features of the historical style.

The lessons are grouped into two main modules:

The Building Blocks

The first module introduces you to the building blocks of the style. You’ll get familiar with the distinct features, shapes and motifs of the style, as well as the flow of the ribbons and the core interlacing patterns.

Assembling Your Design

The second module walks you step by step through the process of how to create your Urnes style design. From analysing the references, through laying out the composition to rendering the design.

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Hi, my name is Jonas Lau Markussen.

The Viking Age have always fascinated me — especially the animal ornaments. I have more than ten years of experience working as a graphic designer and have a masters degree in architecture. Since 2016 I have studied the art of the Viking age persistently, familiarising myself with the intricacies of the art-form and how to recreate it. You can find my research compiled into a handy guide-book breaking down each style to its essential components in an easy to understand and straightforward manner. 

Check out the guide for free here:

The Anatomy of Viking Art


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